The Mooncoin Jig and the Mooncoin Reel

Here are two related Irish tunes that take advantage of a modal shift for dramatic emphasis. This is when the chord shifts two half steps down, essentially changing key temporarily. Play them smoothly and not too slow. The Mooncoin Jig is in 6/8, play it evenly and think of each measure as a pair of triplets. The Mooncoin Reel is in cut time, 4/4; but don't play the eighth notes straight! Listen to the soundfile for how to play the eighth notes. Instead of each eighth note having half the value of a quarter note, the first one has two thirds and the second one has one third. This gives it a very nice lilt which is important for Irish reels.

The demo versions are full length so you can use them for play-along with the melody played for you first. The accompaniment versions are guitar only.

The charts in C have guitar chords for backup. We haven't put any grace notes or turns or trills on the charts; those are for you to add. These tunes are meant to be repeated for as long as anyone's listening; Irish musicians keep it interesting by playing it slightly differently each time through.

First, Select the Sheet Music for The Mooncoin Jig:
then, get the Sound File

Then, Select the Sheet Music for The Mooncoin Reel:
then, get the Sound File

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