Up-Tempo Blues in Bb

This is a fast-moving blues progression used in many blues and pop tunes. Learning to play over this progression will help you fit right in with many bands and blues jams. Up-tempo blues is simpler than traditional or jazz blues, and is usually played in sharper keys like A or E (for the convenience of guitarists).

The blues scale sounds great over this, but resist the temptation to use notes not in the scale. It's the intervals in the blues scale that make it interesting. And, it often helps if you think of your role as percussion more than melody. Keeping time with the band or punctuating their timing is more important than developing an intricate melody. Overall, keep it simple and direct!

This selection is meant for improvisation, so we've included all the blues scales to help you. Review the Bb scale, and select the soundfile for your instrument. The soundfile is transposed to sound correct with the scale you're playing. If you like, listen to our sample improv (with charts) on the Up-Tempo Blues in A page.

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First, Select the Sheet Music for Your Instrument,
then, get the Sound File

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