12 Bar Blues in A

This is a standard blues progression, the 12 bar blues. There are three four bar sections. In the first section the musician makes a statement which is repeated in the second part, for emphasis. The third bar is a resolution of the first two statements.

For this exercise, we haven't supplied a melody, just the blues scales. You may have already printed out these scales, but here they are again. Use the notes of the blues scale to create your own improvisations. With continued practice, you will be familiar with the scales and this will help you in all styles of music.

Choose the current scale from your page of scales. Then choose the soundfile for your instrument. The soundfile is transposed so it should sound right for your instrument.

You can move on to the next key by going to the bottom of the page where there's a link to the next scale in the circle of fifths. You can also go to the Blues Page and select another key.

First, Select the Sheet Music for Your Instrument,
then, get the Accompaniment:

Next in the circle of fifths: Key of E

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